New Elastic Beanstalk CLI

We recently launched a significant update to the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface. If you've never used Elastic Beanstalk then I really suggest checking it »

Thoughts On Destiny The Videogame

This is an old post I'm republishing because I'm angry that videogames are allowed to spend millions of dollars in development but have nothing but pretty »

Hackathon Knowledge: Improve Your Developer Environment

Often overlooked but incredibly important to be able to code quickly and reliably is a good environment. What do I mean by a good environment? There »

Leaving MongoDB To Join Amazon

I'm excited and saddened to announce that I'm leaving MongoDB to take up a Developer Evangelist position at Amazon. I have loved working at MongoDB and »

Effective Development On A Mac

A lot of developers use Macs these days because it's the hot new thing. Unfortunately Macs are not the greatest development platform in the world out »

JIRA Universal Plugin Manager API

Deploying JIRA plugins isn't the most enjoyable process. You're forced to go work through a UI that takes ~10 seconds to load a single page where »